LiClipse - My IDE of Choice for Python

LiClipse is a customized version of Eclipse specifically for development of Python applications. It can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux from the download page.

Installation on Linux is as simple as downloading the tar.gz file, and extracting it where you want it "installed". You do not need to run any steps to "install" it, but you may need to set up some links if you want it to show up in your application launchers. Running the program is as simple as executing the extracted LiClipse file. Since installation is actually just an extraction of files wherever you want, you can install it side-by-side with an existing eclipse installation.

The main reason for switching to LiClipse from PyCharm is due to auto-complete support when writing custom packages. LiClipse will work well with packages you are creating, but PyCharm will only recognize packages that came with Python or you have installed through pip.



Stuart is a software developer with a passion for Linux and open source projects.

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