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PHP Lecture - Identify All the Things With UUIDs!

A lightning talk on UUIDs from the maintainer of the ramsey/UUID package library for PHP.

PHP - Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks

A talk made by Macro Pivetta on "Doctrice ORM Good Practices and Tricks".


PHP - Finally Clause

Learn about the finally clause.

Tree - A Great Way To Display File Structure

Use the tree tool for displaying your file structure.

PHP Packages - Requiring Self For Testing

Learn how to include your package within itself for testing and not have to keep pushing the code and composer updating.

ACME PHP - Request Certificate

Request certificates from LetsEncrypt after having proven that you own the domain.

ACME PHP - Prove Domain Ownership

Prove you own a domain to LetsEncrypt, using the ACME PHP tool.

ACME PHP - Registration

Register with LetsEncrypt using the ACME PHP.

Acme PHP - Installation

Install the ACME PHP tool.

AWS - Create Specific Keys For Security Access

See just how easy it is to create keys for your services that have limited access rights. This could save your bacon.

CentOS - Install MariaDB 5.5

Install MariaDB 5.5 on CentOS 7

Enable Syntax Highlighting with PrismJS

Quick start for using PrismJS for syntax highlighting.

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