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CentOS - Install MariaDB 5.5

Install MariaDB 5.5 on CentOS 7

Enable Syntax Highlighting with PrismJS

Quick start for using PrismJS for syntax highlighting.

MySQLi Prepared Statements

A brief tutorial on using prepared statements and their pros/cons.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install Unity Tweak Tool

Install the unity tweak tool from a PPA


Ubuntu 16.04 - Install VLC PPA

Instructions for installing the various VLC PPAs


Ubuntu 16.04 - Install PHP Inotify

Install the Inotify extension for PHP 7.0 in Ubuntu 16.04


Using DigitalOcean for DNS

Instructions for switching to DigitalOcean as a DNS provider.

Composer Aliases

How you can use aliases for package names for testing dev branches.

Configuring Headless Server for Selenium Testing

Some useful info on setting up a remote headless VPS so it can run selenium tests without using a headless browser.

Axel - Faster Downloads From the CLI

Download things in the CLI faster with Axel

Ubuntu - Install Typescript

Install Typescript on Ubuntu 16.04.

OpenVPN - Allow Clients To Talk To Each Other

Configure openvpn clients to talk to each other.

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