Ubuntu - Improved Ambience Terminal

Many of the popular themes for Ubuntu have the background color of the terminal blend in with the title bar. This is evident on Numix and the ultra flat theme. This provides a great look, but I find these themes too "dark" and am not a fan of having non-white context menus when right-clicking items. I also prefer the rounded edges and shadows that the default Ambience theme provides. Here I will show you how you can have the best of both worlds as shown below.

The picture below highlights the areas I am referring to and shows you the settings you need to input after going to the terminal's file menu and selecting Edit -> profile preferences -> Colours, the most important of which being the background color of #3c3b37

Other Setttings

The wallpaper is from Fedora 16, and I shrunk the launcher icons to 38 from the default 48.



Stuart is a software developer with a passion for Linux and open source projects.

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