First Things To Do After Installing Debian 7.x

Configure Sudo

Login as root and install sudo

sudo apt-get install sudo  

Now add your subuser to sudo users and use that user from now on.

adduser $MY_SUBUSER sudo  

Disable root login

SEARCH="PermitRootLogin yes"  
REPLACE="PermitRootLogin no"  
sudo sed -i "s;$SEARCH;$REPLACE;" $FILEPATH

# Restart the openssh service for changes to take effect.
sudo service ssh restart  

Install VIM

sudo apt-get install vim -y  

Set VIM to be the default editor (crontab)

echo 'export EDITOR=vim' >> $HOME/.bashrc  

Add ifconfig to your PATH.

echo 'export PATH="$PATH:/sbin"' >> $HOME/.bashrc  

Install byobu

sudo apt-get install byobu -y  



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