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Getting Started With phpspreadsheet

Create excel spreadsheets with PHP using a PHP package.

Laravel Blade Views

Tutorial covering the use of Blade views in Laravel.

Sublime 3 - Install Flatland Theme

Install the flatland theme for Sublime Text 3.

Terminator - Change Default Window Size

Adjust the default size of the Terminator terminal when it launches.

Ubuntu - Install Snap

Install the on Ubuntu 18.04

KVM - Automated Snapshot Pruning Script

A script to automatically prune old snapshots and only keep the last X number.

Prometheus Query Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet of queries for prometheus

Export Stats For Prometheus With Node Exporter

Run node exporter on your servers for Prometheus to monitor them.

Deploy Prometheus With Docker

Deploy Prometheus through Docker

VirtualBox - Expand Disk Image

Resize your VirtualBox guest disk images.


Ubuntu 18.04 - Install PHP 7.3

Install PHP 7.3 on Ubuntu 18.04.

Get Microsoft Teams Running On Ubuntu

How to get Micro$oft Teams running on Ubuntu.