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Ubuntu 16.04 - CPU Benchmarking

A guide to various ways to benchmark your CPU.

Ubuntu - Install Sublime 3 PPA

Snippet to install the Sublime Text 3 stable PPA.


LVM Snapshots

A guide to using LVM snapshots.

Set Up Android Emulator

This tutorial will guide you through setting up an emulator for an android device so that you can start building/testing apps.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Setting Up Nativescript

This tutorial will show you how to set up your Ubuntu 16.04 desktop for Nativescript in order to develop Android applications.

KVM - Fix Missing Default Network

This tutorial will ensure you have a running default network on your KVM server.

Set Up Debian 9 KVM Server

This tutorial will show you how to set your Debian 9 server up as a KVM host.

Debian 9 - Install Realtek Firmware

This tutorial will show you how to install firmware for Raeltek NICs.


Set Up Ubuntu 16.04 KVM Server

Turn your Ubuntu 16.04 server into a KVM host for virtual machines!

Debian 9 - Install MySQL Server

This tutorial will show you how to install various versions of MySQL server on Debian 9.

Things To Do After Installing Debian 9

Things you probably want to do right after installing Debian 9 server.

Roger H. Newell - Ubuntu Custom Kernel

This post is for reference and contains a youtube video from Roger H. Newell stepping through compiling your own kernel, with bookmarked timestamps so that you can skip to the point you need.

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