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Debian 8 - Install FFmpeg

Instructions on how to install ffmpeg on Debian 8 (Jessie).


Git Workflows

Learn the different types of workflows for Git, including the most common ones, Git Flow and Github Flow.

Getting Started With Sass

Learn how to get started with Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (SASS).

Netbeans - Adding Support for Laravel

Add support for Laravel in Netbeans so that you can get auto-completion and hints working.


PHP Error and Exception Handling

Learn how to register some handlers so that we can capture any kind of issue that occurs in our PHP application.


Cookies in PHP

A tutorial on using PHP to set and read cookies in the user's browser.


PHP - Strict Types

Learn about using declare(strinct_types = 1); in PHP and the implications it has.

Getting Started With Doctrine ORM

Get started with th Doctrine database abastraction layer (DBAL).

Google Line Chart

A tutorial to make it much easier to make powerful Google line charts.

Bootstrap 4 Shell

A shell/template for quickly building bootstrap based sites/tools. This uses CDNs for the libraries, so you can literally copy/paste one chunk of text and call it index.html.

Setup Your Own Satis Server For Private PHP Packages

Steps on setting up your own satis server.

Atom - Stop Trimming Whitespace

Stop the Atom editor from removing whitespace from the end of your lines.

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