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Create CloudFront Key Pair

Create a key pair for CloudFront

Deploying Own Mail Server With Mail-in-a-Box

Deploy your own mail server with Mail-in-a-Box.

Ubuntu 18.04 - Install PostgreSQL

Install PostgreSQL client/server in Ubuntu 18.04.

Samba - Fix Mac Photoshop Issue

Fix an issue with using Photoshop on Mac, on a SAMBA share.

Convert Text To UTF-8

Convert text to UTF-8 using Sublime text editor.

Ubuntu - Install Shotcut Video Editor

Install Shotcut video editor

Ubuntu 18.04 - Remove Old Kernel Lines

Instructions on how to remove the older kernel lines from Ubuntu 18.04.

Gitlab - Fixing Unable To Upload Images To Wiki

Fix not being able to upload images to the wikis in Gitlab when using a reverse proxy for HTTPS.

Debian 9 - Upgrade To PHP 7.3

Install/Upgrade to PHP 7.3 on Debian 9

Wordpress - Allow Automatic Security Updates When Using SFTP Plugin

Instructions on allowing wordpress to self-update.

MySQL - Using Barcodes As Primary Key

A tutorial on seeing how much benefit switching a barcode primary key to a BIGINT from a varchar binary representation.

Ubuntu - Install Fira Code Font

Install the Fira Code font in various versions of Ubuntu. This font is great for programming due providing various ligatures.

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