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MySQL GIS Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using GIS with MySQL

Selecting Data From Split Tables

A couple of examples of using joins or nested queries to select and combine data from multiple tables.

MySQL - Unique Key Across Tables

Can MySQL ensure that if a value is in one table, it doesn't exist in the other?

MySQL - Foreign Keys on Foreign Keys

Can you create a foreign key that references a column in another table that itself is a foreign key that references a column in another table?

Debian 9 - Install MySQL Server

This tutorial will show you how to install various versions of MySQL server on Debian 9.

Set MySQL Timezone

MySQL Enums

MySQL - History Tables

MySQL Decimal

MySQL - Foreign Keys

MySQL Integer Types

Solving MySQL InnoDB Corruption

CentOS - Install MySQL Server

Debian 8 - Install MySQL 5.7

What's New In MySQL 5.7

MySQL 5.7 New JSON Functionality

Ubuntu 14.04 - Install MySQL 5.7

MySQL - Replace Statements

MySQL - Prevent Defaulting to Allow Defaults

MySQL Query Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for MySQL queries.

MySQL Temprorary Tables

MySQL Configuration Variables

MySql Partitions

Basic MySQL Commands

MySQL Left Joins

MySQL Timestamps Automatically Update

Debian - Move MySQL Database To Another Disk

Debian 8 - Install MySQL 5.6