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Compressing PNG Images With WebP

Compress your PNG images with WebP for a massive difference in filesize.

Firefox - Webrender

Enable WebRender in Linux.

Trash Files Automatically

Automatically move files to trash.

Integrate Webpack Into Typescript/React Application

Install and set up webpack in your Typescript/React application.

Tips For Fixing Low Wifi Signal

Some advice for how to handle a weak wifi signal.

Netbeans - Remove Trailing Whitespace On Save

Remove trailing whitespace in Netbeans

Sublime - Default To Opening In New Window

Configure Sublime to open in a new window instead of your currently open window.


PDF Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for working with PDFs

Getting Started with React and TypeScript

Get started with using React with Typescript

Debian 9 - Deploy Wordpress

Deploy Wordpress on Debian 9

Debian 9 - Install MariaDB

Install MariaDB on Debian 9

Document Your API with Swagger And Docker

Create and publish documentation for your API, using swagger and docker. This is the kind of documentation developers who use your API will actually want.

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