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PHP Error and Exception Handling

Learn how to register some handlers so that we can capture any kind of issue that occurs in our PHP application.


Cookies in PHP

A tutorial on using PHP to set and read cookies in the user's browser.


PHP - Strict Types

Learn about using declare(strinct_types = 1); in PHP and the implications it has.

Getting Started With Doctrine ORM

Get started with th Doctrine database abastraction layer (DBAL).

Google Line Chart

A tutorial to make it much easier to make powerful Google line charts.

Bootstrap 4 Shell

A shell/template for quickly building bootstrap based sites/tools. This uses CDNs for the libraries, so you can literally copy/paste one chunk of text and call it index.html.

Setup Your Own Satis Server For Private PHP Packages

Steps on setting up your own satis server.

Atom - Stop Trimming Whitespace

Stop the Atom editor from removing whitespace from the end of your lines.


PHP - Creating Strict Type Arrays

Using strict type arrays in PHP.

Using PostGIS To Calculate Distance Between Two Points

Calculate the distance between two points on earth using PostGIS.

PostGIS - Importing Spatial Data

Import spatial data into PostgreSQL and query the data with the help of PostGIS.

Supervisor - Stop Subprocesses Entering Fatal State

Stop your scripts entering a FATAL state in supervisord, causing them to never be restarted.

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