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Ubuntu 18.04 - Set MySQL Root Password

Set your root password in Ubuntu 18.04 for MySQL.

Dockerfile - Speed Up The Setting of Permissions

Some tips for optimizing the Docker build process when you are setting permissions on a large number of files.

Fdupes - A Duplicate File Removal Tool

Install and use fdupes for finding and removing duplicate files.

Fix Ubuntu 18.04 VM Guests All Getting The Same IP

Creating Project Templates With Composer

Learn to create templates that you can then install using the composer create-project command.

Ethernet Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Ethernet networking.

Debian 9 - Use UK Mirror

Configure Debian 9 to use a UK mirror

Creating Github Webhook For Packagist

Learn how to set up a webhook in Github in order to automatically update the package in Packagist.

Debian 9 - Set Up Nginx Reverse Proxy

Deploy your own reverse proxy using Nginx on Debian 9.

Ubuntu 18.04 - Install Flash

Install flash support in Ubuntu 18.04.

Proxmox - Download ISOs

Download ISOs onto your proxmox server so that you can use them to create KVM guests.

Ubuntu 18.04 - Deploy Your Own Satis Server

Steps on setting up your own satis server on ubuntu 18.04

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