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Ubuntu 16.04 - Deploy Your Own Satis Server

Steps on setting up your own satis server on ubuntu 16.04

Verdaccio - Host Your Own NPM Packages

This tutorial is for those of you who wish to develop and use NPM packages, but don't wish to share them with the rest of the world.

Debian 9 - Deploy Passbolt

Deploy your own Passbolt password management server on Debian 9.

Sublime Text 3 - Personal User Preferences

My personal user preferences - use them if you want.

Mounting Samba (CIFS) Share

General info about mounting Samba/Cifs share.


Deploy Your Own MediaWiki Wiki

Deploy your own MediaWiki wiki with the help of docker.

Gmail - App Specific Passwords

An explanation of what app-specific passwords are, and a link to easily creating your own.

Deploy Your Own Wiki With WikiJS and Docker

Deploy your own WikiJS wiki with the help of Docker.

Ubuntu 18.04 - Enable Edit In Shutter

Get the edit button working in Shutter in Ubuntu 18.04


Fix Vim Pasting Issue

Fix issues with pasting into VIM.

Laravel - Creating A Service Provider

How to create a service provider in Laravel.

Ubuntu - Install Laravel Installer Through Composer

Install the Laravel installer.

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