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Debian 9 - Install Later Versions Of PHP

Install later versions of PHP on Debian 9

LibreCalc - Add Padding To Cells

Add padding to your cells in LibreCalc

Compressing PNG Images With WebP

Compress your PNG images with WebP for a massive difference in filesize.

Firefox - Webrender

Enable WebRender in Linux.

Trash Files Automatically

Automatically move files to trash.

Integrate Webpack Into Typescript/React Application

Install and set up webpack in your Typescript/React application.

Tips For Fixing Low Wifi Signal

Some advice for how to handle a weak wifi signal.

Netbeans - Remove Trailing Whitespace On Save

Remove trailing whitespace in Netbeans

Sublime - Default To Opening In New Window

Configure Sublime to open in a new window instead of your currently open window.


PDF Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for working with PDFs

Getting Started with React and TypeScript

Get started with using React with Typescript

Debian 9 - Deploy Wordpress

Deploy Wordpress on Debian 9

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