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Debian 9 - Deploy Passbolt

Deploy your own Passbolt password management server on Debian 9.

Sublime Text 3 - Personal User Preferences

My personal user preferences - use them if you want.

Mounting Samba (CIFS) Share

General info about mounting Samba/Cifs share.


Deploy Your Own MediaWiki Wiki

Deploy your own MediaWiki wiki with the help of docker.

Gmail - App Specific Passwords

An explanation of what app-specific passwords are, and a link to easily creating your own.

Deploy Your Own Wiki With WikiJS and Docker

Deploy your own WikiJS wiki with the help of Docker.

Ubuntu 18.04 - Enable Edit In Shutter

Get the edit button working in Shutter in Ubuntu 18.04


Fix Vim Pasting Issue

Fix issues with pasting into VIM.

Laravel - Creating A Service Provider

How to create a service provider in Laravel.

Ubuntu - Install Laravel Installer Through Composer

Install the Laravel installer.


Ubuntu 18.04 - Install Mcrypt for PHP

Install mcrypt for PHP in Ubuntu 18.04


Backing Up Your Git Repositories Through Mirroring

Learn how you can backup your Git repositories easily using through mirroring.

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