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Fix Filesystem Check Message When Using Ubuntu EC2 Instances

Fix filesystem check message when using Ubuntu EC2 intstance.

Ubuntu 18.04 - Install Docker

Install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

Using Composer for JS Packages

Demonstration of distributing JS code using Composer.


Enable PHP Opcache

Enable the PHP opcache


Getting Started With PHP CodeSniffer

Get started with using the codesniffer tool in order to ensure your code adheres to the PSR-2 standards.

Ubuntu - Install PHP Pear

Install PHP Pear

Get Started with Satis Using Docker

Deploy your own private satis server for private PHP packages.

AcmePHP - Remove Domain

A workaround for removing a domain in AcmePHP.

Debian 9 - Install Ceph Deploy Tool

Install the the ceph-deploy tool for the latest LTS version of Ceph, on the latest version of Debian.


Generate GPG Master and Subkeys

A short guide on creating a GPG master key, before then creating subkeys for it.


GPG - Subkeys

A short post on GPG subkeys and why you should use them.

Yubikey - Link With GPG

Link your Yubikey with GPG

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