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Enable PHP Opcache

Enable the PHP opcache


Getting Started With PHP CodeSniffer

Get started with using the codesniffer tool in order to ensure your code adheres to the PSR-2 standards.

Ubuntu - Install PHP Pear

Install PHP Pear

Get Started with Satis Using Docker

Deploy your own private satis server for private PHP packages.

AcmePHP - Remove Domain

A workaround for removing a domain in AcmePHP.

Debian 9 - Install Ceph Deploy Tool

Install the the ceph-deploy tool for the latest LTS version of Ceph, on the latest version of Debian.


Generate GPG Master and Subkeys

A short guide on creating a GPG master key, before then creating subkeys for it.


GPG - Subkeys

A short post on GPG subkeys and why you should use them.

Yubikey - Link With GPG

Link your Yubikey with GPG

Yubikey - Change To Super Combo Mode

Change the mode of your Yubikey so that you can use it for PGP/GPG as well.

Thunderbird - FIx Graphics in Subject

Fix graphics appearing in the subject line in Thunderbird

Yubikey - SSH Into Remote Servers Using A Pin

See how you can use your Yubikey to SSH into remote servers using a pin code.

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