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Using PostGIS To Calculate Distance Between Two Points

Calculate the distance between two points on earth using PostGIS.

PostGIS - Importing Spatial Data

Import spatial data into PostgreSQL and query the data with the help of PostGIS.

Supervisor - Stop Subprocesses Entering Fatal State

Stop your scripts entering a FATAL state in supervisord, causing them to never be restarted.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install PostGIS

Install PostGIS in PostgreSQL.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install PostgreSQL Routing Extension (pgRouting)

Install the routing extension for PostgreSQL

Ubuntu 16.04 - Ensure Docker Running Overlay2 Storage Driver

Instructions on how to check whether Docker is runnning the recommended overlay2 storage driver, and how to fix it if it is still using aufs instead.

Ubuntu - Install Kodi

Install Kodi on Ubuntu

Deploy Zabbix Through Docker

Deploy Zabbix easily by using Docker.

Ubuntu 18.04 Server - Set Static IP With Netplan

Set a static IP on your ubuntu 18.04 server using netplan.

Useful Opera Addons

Links to useful addons for opera so you can get set up quickly.

Using CSS Grid For Tables With Frozen Headers

Use a CSS grid to render a table of data with a frozen first row and/or column!

Sending Metrics To Statsd With PHP

Start firing data off to your Graphite server's statsd collector in order to start tracking/monitoring events.

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