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Yubikey Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for yubikey.

Ubuntu - Install Simple Screen Recorder

Install this excellent screen recording tool in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu - Install Arc Theme

Install the Arc theme on Ubuntu.

Debian - Install Atom Editor

Install the Atom text editor in Debian

Debian 9 - Disable Onboard Speaker

Disable the onboard speaker to prevent it buzzing whilst you're working.

Debian 9 - Install Latest Firefox

Install a much later (faster) version of Firefox in Debian 9.

Emerald - Double Click To Maximise Window

Configure Emerald to maximise a window when you double-click the title bar.

Debian 9 Mate - Installing Compiz And Emerald

Instructions for getting Compiz and Emerald working in Debian 9 Mate.

Debian 9 - Base Package Installation Script

My base script to run after installing Debian 9 Mate.

Debian 9 - Install Nvidia Drivers

Install Nvidia drivers on Debian

Debian 9 - Seafile Causing Sound To Not Work

If your sound stops working, and you're using Seafile, read this.

Debian - Install Sublime Text Editor

Install the Sublime text editor in Debian

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