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Install Arc Icon Theme

Install the Arc icons.

Debian 9 - Install Seafile Client

Install the Seafile client GUI on Debian 9

Qcow2 - Performance

Information about performance of Qcow2 disk images.


Ubuntu 18.04 - Getting Started with KVM using PHP Helper Script

Get started with using KVM on Ubuntu 18.04 with the help of this PHP CLI tool.


Set Up Ubuntu 18.04 KVM Server

Turn your Ubuntu 18.04 server into a KVM host for virtual machines!

Sunday 29th April - Java Game Develpment Progress

Progress made on a "game" I'm working on for fun.

Java Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Java

Netbeans - Change Java

Change which version ofJava Netbeans uses


PHP Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for PHP

Thunderbird - Remove Saved Passwords

Remove stored passwords from Thunderbird.

Example Apache SSL Config

Example Apache SSL configuration file that you can use and tweak to your needs

Install Fonts From Google With Typecatcher

Install fonts from Google locally using the free Typecatcher python tool.

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