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Configuring Headless Server for Selenium Testing

Some useful info on setting up a remote headless VPS so it can run selenium tests without using a headless browser.

Axel - Faster Downloads From the CLI

Download things in the CLI faster with Axel

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install Typescript

Install Typescript on Ubuntu 16.04.

OpenVPN - Allow Clients To Talk To Each Other

Configure openvpn clients to talk to each other.

Compile PHP 7.2 with pthreads

Install PHP 7.2 With Pthreads for multithreading

PHP Multithreading - Thread Pool Example

An example of using a thread pool for handling threads more efficiently.

Install TensorFlow For Python3

Instructions for installing Tensorflow using Python 3 and PIP on Ubuntu 16.04.


Use OpenDNS

IP addresses for OpenDNS

Getting Started With Selenium Testing using PHP

Get started with using Selenium for automating tests, and writing those tests in PHP.

Fix Aspect Ratio of MKV Files

Fix MKV video files that have a stretched look due to an incorrect aspect ratio.

Fix Audio Sync Issues In MKV Video Files

Learn how to fix the audio not being in sync with the video on your MKV media files.

Webmin DNS - Create Address (A) Record

Instructions on how to create an address (A) record in Webmin DNS.

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