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Ubuntu 18.04 - Enable Edit In Shutter

Get the edit button working in Shutter in Ubuntu 18.04


Fix Vim Pasting Issue

Fix issues with pasting into VIM.

Laravel - Creating A Service Provider

How to create a service provider in Laravel.

Ubuntu - Install Laravel Installer Through Composer

Install the Laravel installer.


Ubuntu 18.04 - Install Mcrypt for PHP

Install mcrypt for PHP in Ubuntu 18.04


Backing Up Your Git Repositories Through Mirroring

Learn how you can backup your Git repositories easily using through mirroring.


CSS - Completely Filling Container With An Image

Details on how you can use CSS to allow your images to appear in different shapes without appearing skewed.

Configure Git To Use Sublime Text Editor For Commit Messages

Configure Git To Use Sublime Text Editor For Commit Messages

Ubuntu - Install Sublime Merge

Ubuntu install scripts for Sublime Merge on

HP Microserver ZFS NAS

Today I bought an HP microserver to act as an Ubuntu 18.04 ZFS NAS server.


How to Check For ECC RAM Functionality

Check for ECC functionality in your computer/server.

Dockerized Gitlab - Configure SMTP

Configure SMTP for Dockerized Gitlab so that it can send emails.

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