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Useful Firefox Addons

Below is a list of the extensions that I use for reference whenever I am setting up a new computer.

  • Downthemall - Accelerates downloads and allows you to pause/resume them.
  • HTTPS Everywhere - Automatically redirect to the https version of sites if one is available. This can prevent third parties injecting malicious content into your traffic or monitoring you.
  • Close to Tray - Minimizes or closes windows to the system tray (Linux users should use FireTray instead).
  • FireTray - Linux users need this instead of Close To Tray because for them, Close to Tray doesn't work on Linux.
  • Tab Groups - Allows you to group tabs, but most importantly, you can press ctrl-shift-e to view all of your tabs in a single window and easily close them.
  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter - check addons are compatible with multiprocessing.
  • ~~Bad Bird Blocker - remove adverts from inside your twitter feed.~~ This has since been removed by its author.
  • ~~Firebug - Great for web developers.~~ - Use Firefox Developer Tools now instead.
  • ~~Ctrl-Tab - Makes ctrl-tab go back to the last used tab rather than cycling through tabs.~~ Refer here.

The following extensions are really useful but will slow down Firefox startup and page loading.

If you have and recommendations, please comment.