Useful Firefox Addons

Below is a list of the extensions that I use for reference whenever I am setting up a new computer.

  • Downthemall - Accelerates downloads and allows you to pause/resume them.
  • HTTPS Everywhere - Automatically redirect to the https version of sites if one is available. This can prevent third parties injecting malicious content into your traffic or monitoring you.
  • Close to Tray - Minimizes or closes windows to the system tray (Linux users should use FireTray instead).
  • FireTray - Linux users need this instead of Close To Tray because for them, Close to Tray doesn't work on Linux.
  • Tab Groups - Allows you to group tabs, but most importantly, you can press ctrl-shift-e to view all of your tabs in a single window and easily close them.
  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter - check addons are compatible with multiprocessing.
  • Bad Bird Blocker - remove adverts from inside your twitter feed. This has since been removed by its author.
  • Firebug - Great for web developers. - Use Firefox Developer Tools now instead.
  • Ctrl-Tab - Makes ctrl-tab go back to the last used tab rather than cycling through tabs. Refer here.

The following extensions are really useful but will slow down Firefox startup and page loading.

If you have and recommendations, please comment.



Stuart is a software developer with a passion for Linux and open source projects.

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