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Amazon Linux - Install Byobu

First try with:

sudo yum install byobu -y

If that doesn't work, you can add the EPEL repository (Amazon Linux 2):

sudo amazon-linux-extras install epel
sudo yum-config-manager --enable epel
sudo yum install byobu -y  

Manually Compile

Alternatively, one can manually compile by running the following commands:


tar xzf byobu*.tar.gz
cd byobu-*
sudo make
sudo make install

Be sure to check if the script is using the latest release.

You should now be able to enter byobu with the following command:


Optional - Switch Byobu Backend To Tmux

By default, byobu will use screen for sessions instead of tmux. This results in there being two rows at the bottom instead of just one. Here's how to change to using tmux.

sudo yum install tmux -y

At the prompt, press 1 to select tmux.

Byobu Prompt

If you took the time to carefully configure how the prompt is shown in your console, you may be a bit miffed that byobu will override this with its own prompt configuration. However, it is easy enough to disable/enable byobu's cusomized prompt using the commands below, or even tweak it.

Disable Prompt


Enable Prompt


Configure Prompt

If you would like to tweak byobus prompt instead of just disabling it, then edit its configuration file:

sudo editor /usr/share/byobu/profiles/bashrc


Last updated: 9th May 2024
First published: 16th August 2018