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Bitbucket - Create OAuth Client Credentials

Learn how to create a client key and secret for a new OAuth client application.

Getting Started With Traefik

Learn how to get started with using Traefik locally, so that you can get to grips with it, before you dive into doing something more complicated, such as use it in a Kubernetes or Docker-Swarm cluster.

YAML Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for YAML, it's more powerful than you probably realize.

Use Remote Docker Host With SSH

This tutorial will show you how you can configure Docker to safely use a remote Docker host, by simply configuring SSH details, rather than having to set up any kind of fancy TLS security.

Deploy Your Own Bitbucket Runner

Learn how to deploy your own runner for executing pipelines in Bitbucket.

Bitbucket - Add Deployment Variables

Learn about deployment variables and how to create them in Bitbucket.

Docker Build Arguments

Learn about docker build arguments.

Ubuntu - Add WebP Support

Add support for WebP in your linux applications like Nautilus and other GTK apps.


PHP - Autoloading Methods

Learn about various autoloading options.

Laravel - Turn Exceptions Into API Responses

Learn how to get Laravel to turn exceptions into legitmate API responses, rather than having to catch them and convert them manually each time.

Interesting Laravel Packages / Addons

A list of interesting add-ons that could be quite useful and a dedicated blog post.

Laravel Eloquent Relationships

Learn how to define the relationships between models for Eloquent queries in Laravel.