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Proxmox Storage Guide

A guide to Proxmox Storage.

Ubuntu - Multiple Network CIDR Issue

Resolve an issue with receiving a dynamic secondary IP in Ubuntu.

Deploy Your Own Wiki With XWiki

Learn how to deploy your own Wiki with XWiki and Docker.

Extending Rundeck Image With PHP

Learn how to extend the Rundeck image in order to be able to support local PHP scripts.

Lecture - Docker Networking With NetworkChuck

Learn about the various Docker networks with a fantastic video from NetworkChuck on Youtube.

Lecture - Configuring VLANs, Firewall Rules, and WiFi Networks with UniFi

Watch a timestamped video from TechnoTim on configuring your network with UniFi.

Xubuntu 22.04 Setup Desktop Script

My script for setting up a fresh install of Xubuntu 20.04

Netplan Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Netplan.

Deploying Rundeck Through Docker

Learn how to deploy Rundeck easily with the help of Docker.

Deploying Penpot with Docker

Learn about deploying Penpot with Docker.

LibreOffice Writer - Print Two Sided

Learn how to print double-sided in LibreOffice Writer.

Send Google Assistant Commands From Home Assistant

Learn how to send text commands from Home Assistant to Google Assistant, in order to control the devices in your home.