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Install Proxmox On Debian 12

Learn how to install Proxmox on Debian 12.

Zabbix - Adjust Warning Threshold

Learn how to adjust a server's thresholds so that you don't get alerts when unnecessary, or possibly lower the threshold in case you need to be alerted sooner.

Zabbix - Configure Email Notifications

Learn how to configure Zabbix to send alerts to you via email (SMTP).

PHP FPM Settings/Configuration Order

A diagram showing how the configuration and settings files override each other in PHP FPM, which may answer your question about why your setting/config file may not be having any effect.

Wordfence - Disable Specific Email Alerts

Learn how to disable particular email alerts from Wordfence.

PHP HTML Tidier Middleware

A tutorial providing a PSR-15 compatible middleware that will tidy your HTML response.

Debian 12 - Disable IPv6

Learn how to disable IPv6 networking in Debian 12.

Move Docker Data Directory

Learn how to migrate your Docker data to a new volume/partition.

Video: How to Install Mailcow

A video on how to deploy your own Mailcow email server.

Stop Kernel Messages Showing In Console

Learn how to disable kernel messages appearing in your console.

Deploy Joomla Through Docker

Instructions for deploying a Joomla site through Docker.

RabbitMQ - Export / Import Configuration

Learn how you can easily export/import your RabbitMQ configuration using basic CURL requests in the CLI.