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FFmpeg - Create GIF Animated Images

Create animated GIF images from videos using FFmpeg.

FFMPEG - Create WebP Animated Images

Learn to create animated webp images.

Mobile Friendly Websites

A small little rant/dig at the state of the web.

PHP - Fetch Latest Tweets of Specific User

Fetch the latest tweets of a specific user, through the use of the Twitter API.

Twitter - Create Developer Account

Create a developer account and your first project, in order to get some API keys so you can start integrating with the Twitter API.

Iteratively Backing Up To A Remote Computer Using FTP

A really simple/basic iterative backup solution that is appropriate for your home/office LAN.

Lecture - Access Control Lists (ACL)

A timestamped lecture on using ACLs for managing permissions/access to files and folders.

Configure Email (SMTP) For Seafile Deployed Through Docker

Configure SMTP when using Docker for deploying Seafile.

Deploy Seafile Server Through Docker

A tutorial on how to deploy your own Seafile server using Docker.

Pfsense Lecture - Limit Internet Speed Of Specific Hosts

Limit a computer's bandwidth to the internet, so the rest of your household don't get starved.

GitLab - Create A Project Access Token

Learn how to create a token that grants limited access to a specific project.

GitLab - Create A Personal Access Token

Generate a personal access token that will grant a service the ability to perform certain actions as if they were you.

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