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Interesting Laravel Packages / Addons

A list of interesting add-ons that could be quite useful and a dedicated blog post.

Laravel Eloquent Relationships

Learn how to define the relationships between models for Eloquent queries in Laravel.

Thunderbird - Ask For Read Receipt

Learn how to get Thunderbird to request a return receipt on an email.

PostgreSQL - Select Last Row For A Grouping

A short tutorial on how to select the last row for each grouping, where we are using a time-series of actions taken against a request. Thus we can quickly find the status of a request based on the last action that was taken against it.

Install Spotify

Learn how you can install Spotify, with a choice of clients that work in LInux.

Laravel - Submit A Bug Report

Learn how to report a bug/issue with the Laravel framework.

Create Nemo Action (Shortcut) - Open In PhpStorm

Create a nemo action/shortcut to open a folder in PhpStorm.

PostgreSQL - Numeric Types

A cheatsheet for the numeric types that one can use in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL - Generated Columns

Learn about generated columns in PostgreSQL. These may be referred to as "computed", "calculated" or "virtual" columns in other relational database systems.

Firefox - Compact Mode

Enable compact density in Firefox.

Bitbucket Pipeline Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Bitbucket pipelines.

Ubuntu 22 - Install Docker

Install docker engine on Ubuntu 22.04

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