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SSHing Into Servers Using Signed Temporary Certificates

Learn how to create OpenSSH certificates that grant a user temporary SSH access to a server.

HashiCorp Vault - Enable Username/Password Authentication

A quick guide to enabling username/password based authentication in Vault.

Send Emails In A Docker Container Using MSMTP

Learn how to send emails from within a Docker container through the use of MSMTP.

Ubuntu 22.04 - Install PHP 8.3

Commands to install PHP 8.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 using Ondrej PPA.

Composer - Please Don't Use --ignore-platform-reqs Flag

A dmonstration video of why I believe you should not use the `--ignore-platform-reqs` composer command flag.

What's New In PHP 8.3

Learn about what's new in PHP 8.3.

Performance benchmark of PHP runtimes From Dzmitry Kazbiarovich

Sharing a performance benchmark article written by Dzmitry Kazbiarovich on PHP runtimes.

Install Skype

Instructions on how to install Skype in Debian / Ubuntu.

Install FFmpeg 6 On Ubuntu 22.04

Learn how to easily install FFmpeg 6 on Ubuntu 22.04

Install HandBrake From Flatpak

Learn how to install Handbrake through Flatpak on Ubuntu.

Install Debian 12 KVM Server

Configure your Debian 12 for acting as a KVM host.

FFmpeg - HEVC Encoding

Learn how to encode HEVC/x265 videos using FFmpeg.

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