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Integrate Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline With Git / GitHub

Trigger your multi-branch projects to build when you push changes to GitHub.

Ubuntu 20.04 - Install Discord Client

Install Discord chat client on Ubuntu 20.04

Create A GitHub Deploy Key

Create a GitHub deploy key in order to give your pipelines restricted access to just one project.

A Really Basic Swoole Threading Example

A really basic multithreading example when using Swoole PHP.

Ubuntu 20 - Install Swoole PHP

Install Swoole PHP on Ubuntu 20.04.

Create Ubuntu 20.04 KVM Guest From Cloud Image

Create an Ubuntu 20.04 KVM guest through the use of the cloud image provided by Canonical.

KVM - Fix Netcat Issue With Remote Connections

Fix an issue you might get when trying to connect to a remote KVM host with virt-manager.

Pycharm - Use Netbeans Keyboard Shortcuts

Configure PyCharm to use the same keyboard shorcuts as Netbeans.

Set Up Kubectl On Your Local Machine

Set Up Kubectl On Your Local Machine

Install K3s Agent On Ubuntu 20.04

Set up a Kubernetes agent on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install K3s Server On Ubuntu 20.04

Install K3S on Ubuntu 20.04.

Debian 10 - Set Up Nginx Load Balancer For Kubernetes

Set up a load balancer on Debian 10 for a Kubernetes cluster.

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