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ThreeJS TypeScript Starter (Using Webpack)

Quickly get started with ThreeJS with Typescript using this starter/template codebase.

Terraform Working Example

A Terraform example/starter codebase to get you deploying a Dockerized web service on Amazon EC2 quickly and easily.

Increase Inotify Watches

Increase the number of inotify watches in order to fix possible issues in Seafile, Dropbox, Sublime, and file browsers like Nautilus.

Adding A Disk To Linux

Learn how to add a disk in Linux. Create a partition table, before adding a partition and adding a filesystem to it. Then set it up to automatically mount on boot.

Duplicity Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Duplicity.

Linux - Convert Excel (XLSX) File To CSV

Convert a massive Excel file to CSV format in seconds.

Integrate Jenkins Pipeline Project With GitHub

Learn how to integrate your Jenkins "pipeline" project with GitHub so that your project builds when specific branches are pushed to (e.g. staging/production).

Opera - Don't Start With Previously Open Tabs

Stop Opera browser from re-opening all the tabs that were open when you closed your browser.

Docker - Create .env File On Startup

Create a .env file on startup of your Docker container.

Ubuntu - Install Mullvad VPN

Install Mullvad VPN On Ubuntu.

Getting Started With Laravel Queues and Background Jobs

Learn how to make use of Laravel queues to schedule background (asynchronous) jobs.

Lecture - Manage all your SSH servers with teleport

A timestamped video tutorial on how to set up the Teleport SSH management service.

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