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Caddy Load Balancing Demo

A demonstration of the load balancing capabilties of Caddy.

Deploy Yaade - A Postman Alternative

Learn how to deploy Yaade, a Postman alternative.

Deploy Your Own Mattermost Server

Learn how to deploy your own Mattermost server through Docker.

Ubuntu 22.04 - Install Mattermost Desktop Client

Learn how to install the Mattermost desktop client on Linux.

Deploy A Cheap ZFS Storage VPS Using AlphaVPS

Learn how to deploy a cheap ZFS storage VPS for ZFS-based backups.

Trash CLI Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using the trash CLI.

Debian 11 - Install ZFS

Learn how to install ZFS on Debian 11.

FFMPEG - Apply Hardsubs To Video

Learn how to apply "hard" subtitles to a video using FFmpeg.

Introduction To Ansible Semaphore From Christian Lempa

Learn about Ansible Semaphore from an awesome video provided by Christian Lempa.

Upgrading Ubuntu 22 LAMP Docker Image to HTTP/2

Learn how to configure Apache with PHP to allow HTTP/2 connections.

Favourite Fonts

A list of my favourite fonts so I don't forget when switching computers.

Deploy CloudBeaver Database Mangement Tool Using Docker

Learn how to deploy and get started with the CloudBeaver database management tool.

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