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Firefox - Compact Mode

Enable compact density in Firefox.

Ubuntu 22 - Install Docker

Install docker engine on Ubuntu 22.04

Create Ubuntu 22.04 KVM Guest From Cloud Image

Create an Ubuntu 22.04 KVM guest through the use of the cloud image provided by Canonical.

Debian/Ubuntu - Start OpenVPN Connection

Learn how to start an OpenVPN connection from the CLI in Debian/Ubuntu.

Verifying AWS Cognito OIDC ID Token

Learn how to verify and decode your OIDC ID token from Amazon Cognito.


Lecture - 100 Percent Stateless with JWT

Learn about JWTs from a lecture Hubert Sablonnière gave in 2016 at Devoxx.

Check Why Email Failed SpamAssassin Check

Find out how to discover why an email went into your spam folder, when you are using SpamAssassin.

Nftables Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using nftables.

Resolving Port Forwarding Issue With pfSense

Resolving a port forwarding issue with pfSense when one is running a setup behind another NAT.

pfSense - Set SSL Certificate

Learn how to set the SSL certificat on pfSense.

Jenkins Pipeline - Deploy to Auto Scaling Group

Have Jenkins deploy your auto-scaled application by sending an AWS instance refresh command.

Deploy WSO2 API Manager With Docker

Deploy the open source WSO2 API Manager, in order to easily document, publish, and manage your API through a web GUI.

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