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Firefox - Configure To Show Full URL

Learn how to configure Firefox to always show the full URL, rather than hiding things like "http://".

Debian 11 - Install Pritunl

Learn how to install and deploy a Pritunl VPN server on a Debian 11 VPS.

Debian 11 - Install MongoDB

Learn how to install MongoDB 6.x community edition in Debian 11.

Amazon Linux - Configure Network Settings

Learn how to configure network settings, including your DNS servers, in Amazon Linux.

Yubikey - Genrate API Key

Generate your API key for your Yubikey.

Stream Deck Mini

Learn how to interface with a Stream Deck mini in Ubuntu.

Office365 - Receive Events In iCAL Format

Configure Office365 to send you events in iCalendar format.

Jenkins - Add Git Webhook Access Token

Learn how to create an access token in Jenkins to allow your git-based repositories to be triggered via webhooks.

Jenkins - Resolve No ECDSA Host Key Issue

Resolve an issue with trying to use git to connect to GitHub for the first time in Jenkins, due to a lack of host key.

Jenkins - Nginx Reverse Proxy Configuration

A working Nginx site configuration for proxying Jenkins.

Deploy Wordpress on Debian 11

Learn how to manually (without Docker) deploy Wordpress on Debian 11.

Configure How Thunderbird Opens A Web Browser

Configure how Thunderbird opens a browser when you click a link.

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