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Thunderbird - Ask For Read Receipt

Learn how to get Thunderbird to request a return receipt on an email.

PostgreSQL - Select Last Row For A Grouping

A short tutorial on how to select the last row for each grouping, where we are using a time-series of actions taken against a request. Thus we can quickly find the status of a request based on the last action that was taken against it.

Install Spotify

Learn how you can install Spotify, with a choice of clients that work in LInux.

Laravel - Submit A Bug Report

Learn how to report a bug/issue with the Laravel framework.

Create Nemo Action (Shortcut) - Open In PhpStorm

Create a nemo action/shortcut to open a folder in PhpStorm.

PostgreSQL - Numeric Types

A cheatsheet for the numeric types that one can use in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL - Generated Columns

Learn about generated columns in PostgreSQL. These may be referred to as "computed", "calculated" or "virtual" columns in other relational database systems.

Firefox - Compact Mode

Enable compact density in Firefox.

Bitbucket Pipeline Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Bitbucket pipelines.

Ubuntu 22 - Install Docker

Install docker engine on Ubuntu 22.04

Create Ubuntu 22.04 KVM Guest From Cloud Image

Create an Ubuntu 22.04 KVM guest through the use of the cloud image provided by Canonical.

Debian/Ubuntu - Start OpenVPN Connection

Learn how to start an OpenVPN connection from the CLI in Debian/Ubuntu.

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