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AWS - Allow Servers To Communicate Across VPCs (VPC Peering)

Learn how to set up a VPC peering connection so that two virtual private clouds can communicate with each other over the internal AWS network.

Debian 12 - Disable IPv6

Learn how to disable IPv6 networking in Debian 12.

Introduction to Open vSwitch (OVS)

A timestamped introduction video to Open vSwitch from David Mahler.

Proxmox Example Network Config With VLANs

An example network config for Proxmox, which makes use of vLANs so I don't forget and have something to refer to.

Configure DHCP Server on Debian 12

Learn how to configure a DHCP server on a Debian 12 server.

Configure Systemd Nameservers

Learn how to configure your nameservers by editing the systemd config files.

Ubuntu - Multiple Network CIDR Issue

Resolve an issue with receiving a dynamic secondary IP in Ubuntu.

Lecture - Docker Networking With NetworkChuck

Learn about the various Docker networks with a fantastic video from NetworkChuck on Youtube.

Lecture - Configuring VLANs, Firewall Rules, and WiFi Networks with UniFi

Watch a timestamped video from TechnoTim on configuring your network with UniFi.

Netplan Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Netplan.

Amazon Linux - Configure Network Settings

Learn how to configure network settings, including your DNS servers, in Amazon Linux.

Nftables Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using nftables.

iptables Port Forwarding Generator

A simple PHP script to generate the iptables rules to import when one needs to set up port forwarding.

Configure KVM Private NAT With Guest Gateway

Configure a KVM private NAT with a guest acting as a gateway to the outside world. Internal guests will be accessible from the outside world via a reverse proxy and port-forwarding rules.

Add Network Interface To KVM Guest

Add another network interface to a KVM guest.

Ubuntu 20.04 - Install Driver For PiAEK USB Wifi Adapter

Pfsense Lecture - Limit Internet Speed Of Specific Hosts

Limit a computer's bandwidth to the internet, so the rest of your household don't get starved.

Ubuntu - Connect To VLAN

Connect to a VLAN with your Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 computer.

Fix Linux VM Guests All Getting The Same DCHP IP

Fix an issue whereby KVM guest clones end up receiving the same DHCP IP address even though they have different MAC addresses, because of a "machine ID".

Ethernet Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Ethernet networking.

Ubuntu 18.04 Server - Set Static IP With Netplan

Set a static IP on your ubuntu 18.04 server using netplan.

Benchmarking 10G Networking With Iperf

How to use iperf to benchmark your network.

KVM - Fix Missing Default Network

This tutorial will ensure you have a running default network on your KVM server.

Faster Networking With 2.5/5 Gigabit Ethernet

Upgrade GL-AR150 to Stock OpenWRT

GL-AR150 PoE Mini OpenWRT Router

Setting Your Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

CentOS 7 - Configure Static IP