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Lecture - Making Websites With October CMS - Part 05 - Builder Plugin Overview

A timestamped youtube video explaining how to build a plugin for October CMS using the builder plugin.

PHP Lecture - Identify All the Things With UUIDs!

A lightning talk on UUIDs from the maintainer of the ramsey/UUID package library for PHP.

PHP - Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks

A talk made by Macro Pivetta on "Doctrice ORM Good Practices and Tricks".

Roger H. Newell - Ubuntu Custom Kernel

This post is for reference and contains a youtube video from Roger H. Newell stepping through compiling your own kernel, with bookmarked timestamps so that you can skip to the point you need.

Video Talk - NFS-Ganesha

Extremely Defensive PHP

A fantastic timestamped lecture on defensive PHP. Everyone should watch this!

Allan Jude Interview with Wendell - ZFS Talk and More

Why Are There So Many Javascript Charting Libraries?