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Dylan Beattie - Email vs Capitalism

A really interesting presentation from Dylan Beattie on how email has evolved over time. He covers pretty much everything from how email started, the first spam email, how most SMTP providers are not true to the actual specification, and even touching on SPF/DMARC protection etc.

Lecture - Docker Networking With NetworkChuck

Learn about the various Docker networks with a fantastic video from NetworkChuck on Youtube.

Lecture - Configuring VLANs, Firewall Rules, and WiFi Networks with UniFi

Watch a timestamped video from TechnoTim on configuring your network with UniFi.

Lecture - OAuth vs. SAML vs. OpenID Connect - Michael Schwartz

A timestamped lecture from Michael Schwartz covering the history and differences between various SSO technologies/protocols.

Lecture - Manage All Your SSH Servers With Teleport

A timestamped video tutorial on how to set up the Teleport SSH management service.

Lecture - 7 Amazing Developer Tools that you're not using yet

Seven actually useful online tools.

Lecture - Publishing (Perfect) Python Packages on PyPi

A timestamped lecture explaining how to build and publish a Python package.

Lecture - Quickest Way to Create REST API in Java with Spring Boot

A lecture to get started really quickly with Spring Boot.

Lecture - Access Control Lists (ACL)

A timestamped lecture on using ACLs for managing permissions/access to files and folders.

Lecture - Manage SSH With HashiCorp Vault

A lecture about using Vault for managing SSH access.

Lecture - Making Websites With October CMS - Part 03 - Creating Themes

Timestamped video on creating themes for October CMS

Lecture - Making Websites With October CMS - Part 05 - Builder Plugin Overview

A timestamped youtube video explaining how to build a plugin for October CMS using the builder plugin.

Lecture - Ubuntu 18.04 - Set Up Samba As Active Directory Domain Controller

A timestamped video from the urban penguin on setting up a SAMBA server on Ubuntu 18.04 to manage your Windows user accounts.SAMBA

PHP Lecture - Identify All the Things With UUIDs!

A lightning talk on UUIDs from the maintainer of the ramsey/UUID package library for PHP.

PHP - Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks

A talk made by Macro Pivetta on "Doctrice ORM Good Practices and Tricks".

Roger H. Newell - Ubuntu Custom Kernel

This post is for reference and contains a youtube video from Roger H. Newell stepping through compiling your own kernel, with bookmarked timestamps so that you can skip to the point you need.

Video Talk - NFS-Ganesha

Extremely Defensive PHP

A fantastic timestamped lecture on defensive PHP. Everyone should watch this!

Allan Jude Interview with Wendell - ZFS Talk and More

Why Are There So Many Javascript Charting Libraries?