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AWS - Allow Servers To Communicate Across VPCs (VPC Peering)

Learn how to set up a VPC peering connection so that two virtual private clouds can communicate with each other over the internal AWS network.

Lecture - You want a real DNS Server at home? (bind9 + docker)

Learn how to deploy and configure your own Bind9 DNS server through Docker.

Configure Systemd Nameservers

Learn how to configure your nameservers by editing the systemd config files.

Amazon Linux - Configure Network Settings

Learn how to configure network settings, including your DNS servers, in Amazon Linux.


Using DigitalOcean for DNS

Instructions for switching to DigitalOcean as a DNS provider.


Use OpenDNS

IP addresses for OpenDNS

Webmin DNS - Create Address (A) Record

Instructions on how to create an address (A) record in Webmin DNS.

Webmin DNS - Create Master Zone

Instructions on how to create a "master zone" in webmin for DNS, and why you would want to create one.

Webmin - Install Bind9 DNS Module

Instructions on how to install the BIND9 module for DNS in Webmin.

Dig - DNS Querying


Deploy Your Own DNS Server With Docker