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AWS - Allow Servers To Communicate Across VPCs (VPC Peering)

Learn how to set up a VPC peering connection so that two virtual private clouds can communicate with each other over the internal AWS network.

Amazon EC2 - Retrieving Metadata

Learn about retrieving metadata about an instance using Amazon's metadata server.

Verifying AWS Cognito OIDC ID Token

Learn how to verify and decode your OIDC ID token from Amazon Cognito.

Cognito User Pool Auth Endpoints

Learn about the various endpoints one will need in order to implement SSO functionality with the Cognito user pool.

Cognito - Configure User Pool Domain

Configure the domain for your Cognito integration

Cognito - Retrieve Client ID And Secret

Learn how to retrieve your application client ID and secret from an Amazon Cognito user pool.

Cognito - User Pool Groups

Learn how to create and manage Cognito user pool groups.

Creating An Amazon Cognito User Pool In order to Implement An SSO

Learn to deploy an Amazon Cognito user pool in order to implement single-sign-on (SSO) functionality in your web applications.

Terraform Example - Adding HTTPS Listener

Adding support for HTTPS listeners in Terraform example.


AWS - Add SSL Certificate And Get ARN For Load Balancer

Manually upload an SSL certificate to AWS, and get the ARN so that you can feed it into Terraform.

Lecture - CI/CD on AWS with CodePipeline and Terraform

A timestamped video walkthrough from "Davo'clock" on creating a CI/CD Pipeline to maintain and update AWS infrastructure with Terraform.

AWS Cloud Init - Add SSH Access

Add SSH access to cloud init configuration for when using cloud init with Terraform on AWS.

Getting Started With AWS Elastic Container Registry

Get started with the AWS elastic container registry.

Deploy Docker Container on AWS Quickly Using Cloud Init

Quickly deploy a docker container on AWS using cloud-init.

Backing Up S3 Bucket With Duplicity

A guide on backing up your S3 bucket to another S3 bucket using duplicity and S3FS so you don't need to be able to hold the entire bucket in storage.

AWS IAM Examples

Example IAM configurations so you can quickly get what you need.


Lecture - Amazon Chime SDK

A timestamped post of the Amazon chime NodeJS demo.


Ubuntu - Getting Started With The AWS CLI

A guide for getting started with the AWS CLI.

AWS CLI S3 Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for interfacing with S3 through the AWS CLI tool.


Sharing Videos Online Securely with HLS encoding and CloudFront Security And Distribution

A tutorial series on publishing private video content using AWS services.


AWS Elastic Transcoder - Create A Preset for HLS Videos

Create a preset for creating HLS videos in AWS.

Create CloudFront Key Pair

Create a key pair for CloudFront

AWS - Create Specific Keys For Security Access

See just how easy it is to create keys for your services that have limited access rights. This could save your bacon.

Deploy Your Own S3 Server

Using S3 To Host a Static Site

Increasing Performance Of AWS EBS

Preparing for the EC2 Container Service (ECS)