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Ubuntu 22.04 - Install OpenTofu

Instructions for installing OpenTofu, the Terraform drop-in replacement.

Terraform Commands

A cheatsheet for just the Terraform commands.

Use S3 To Store Terraform State

Learn how to configure Terraform to use an existing S3 as your backend to store your state.

VSCodium - Add Terraform Support

Add support for Terraform in Codium (visual studio code).

Terraform - Create an Elastic Container Registry

Sample code for creating an elastic container registry where you can push/pull your Docker images.

Terraform Example - Adding HTTPS Listener

Adding support for HTTPS listeners in Terraform example.

Use PostgreSQL To Store Terraform State

Configure Terraform to use a shared PostgreSQL server to hold the terraform state and implement locks.

Terraform Working Example

A Terraform example/starter codebase to get you deploying a Dockerized web service on Amazon EC2 quickly and easily.

Lecture - CI/CD on AWS with CodePipeline and Terraform

A timestamped video walkthrough from "Davo'clock" on creating a CI/CD Pipeline to maintain and update AWS infrastructure with Terraform.

AWS Cloud Init - Add SSH Access

Add SSH access to cloud init configuration for when using cloud init with Terraform on AWS.

Terraform Cheatsheet

A cheatshee for Terraform

Sublime 3 - Install Terraform Package

Install Terraform support in Sublime Text 3.