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Ubuntu 22.04 - Install PostgreSQL

Install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 22.04.

PostgreSQL - Ensuring Non Uniqueness Using Exclude Using Gist Constraint

Learn about adding a constraint, that acts the opposite of a unique constraint, ensuring that values across rows for two columns are never distinct.

PostgreSQL - Select Last Row For A Grouping

A short tutorial on how to select the last row for each grouping, where we are using a time-series of actions taken against a request. Thus we can quickly find the status of a request based on the last action that was taken against it.

PostgreSQL - Numeric Types

A cheatsheet for the numeric types that one can use in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL - Generated Columns

Learn about generated columns in PostgreSQL. These may be referred to as "computed", "calculated" or "virtual" columns in other relational database systems.

PostgreSQL - The RETURNING Clause

Learn about the "RETURNING" clause in PostgreSQL.

Use PostgreSQL To Store Terraform State

Configure Terraform to use a shared PostgreSQL server to hold the terraform state and implement locks.

MySQL / PostgreSQL Table Double Buffering

A walkthrough of how you may wish to gracefully handle the need to ingest a large amount of data into your database.

PostgreSQL - Table Inheritance

A tutorial about tables inheriting from other tables in PostgreSQL.

Ubuntu 20.04 - Install PostgreSQL

Install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04

Play with PostreSQL Through Docker

Play around with PostgreSQL with docker so that you don't have to install it locally and can throw it away.

Ubuntu 18.04 - Install PostgreSQL

Install PostgreSQL client/server in Ubuntu 18.04.

PostgreSQL - Leaderboard Query Example

A buildup of how to generate a query to create a "leaderboard" of of your top scorers.

Using PostGIS To Calculate Distance Between Two Points

Calculate the distance between two points on earth using PostGIS.

PostGIS - Importing Spatial Data

Import spatial data into PostgreSQL and query the data with the help of PostGIS.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install PostGIS

Install PostGIS in PostgreSQL.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install PostgreSQL Routing Extension (pgRouting)

Install the routing extension for PostgreSQL

PHP - Using UUID Instead of Auto Increment or Sequence

Learn how to use UUIDs in MySQL for your table IDs, rather than using auto_increment.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install PostgreSQL 10

How to install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 16.04

PostgreSQL Parallel Queries

Getting Started With Using PostgreSQL in PHP

Configuring PostgreSQL After Installation

Configure your PostgreSQL database

PostgreSQL Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using PostgreSQL

Debian 8 - Install PostgreSQL 9.x