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Cognito - Retrieve Client ID And Secret

This tutorial will show you how to get the application client's ID and secret in your Cognito user pool . You will need these details when integrating your client with Cognito.


Navigate to the Cognito service and click Manage User Pools

Click on the user pool the client relates to.

Click on App clients (1). If you need to create a new client, click Add another app client (2), otherwise navigate to the box that contains the name of the client you are interested in (3). You will notice that the App client id is already visible (4). Click on Show Details (5)

All of the details for the client will now appear, including the client secret (1), and the client ID (2).

That's it! You now have your client ID and secret.

Last updated: 11th November 2021
First published: 11th November 2021