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Cognito - User Pool Groups

Open the Cognito service and select Manage User Pools

Select User Pool

Click on the user pool you wish to create/manage user groups within.

List User Group

Click on Users and groups (1) before clicking on the Groups tab (2). You will see any existing groups you may already have. Click on Create group (3) in order to create a user group.

Create User Group

Give a name (1) and a description (2) for the new user group. If you wish to give this group of users permissions within AWS, then assign or create an IAM role (3). Since my user groups are purely for telling my web applications what group the users are in, which results in those applications providing certain permissions, I leave this field blank. If you are assigning an IAM role, you may wish to set the Precedence (4). The lowest precedence will be applied when a user is part of multiple groups, so it's probably a good idea not to start at 1. Finally, click Create group (5) once you are happy with your settings.

View User Groups

You will now be taken back to the page that lists your user groups where you will see the group you just created. Click the name of the user group (1) to view/edit it.

Edit User Group

From this page we can see which users are part of the group (1). We can then choose to add users to the group (2), edit the group's attributes (3), or even delete the group (4).

Last updated: 11th November 2021
First published: 11th November 2021