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HashiCorp Vault - Enable Username/Password Authentication

A quick guide to enabling username/password based authentication in Vault.

Configure SSH To Allow Logging In Via Password For Certain Users or Groups

Learn how to allow specific users to authenticate using a password, whilst everyone else has to authenticate via a key file instead.

Use Remote Docker Host With SSH

This tutorial will show you how you can configure Docker to safely use a remote Docker host, by simply configuring SSH details, rather than having to set up any kind of fancy TLS security.

UFW Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using the uncomplicated firewall (UFW).

Create A GitHub Deploy Key

Create a GitHub deploy key in order to give your pipelines restricted access to just one project.

Jenkins - Storing Passwords, Secrets, and Credentials

Learn how to store secrets / credentials in Jenkins.

Setting Up Google 2FA on PHP

Get started with using 2FA in PHP with Google Authenticator.

AWS - Create Specific Keys For Security Access

See just how easy it is to create keys for your services that have limited access rights. This could save your bacon.

CentOS 7 - Disable Root Login

Managing Encryption Keys (ssh/ssl)

Ubuntu - SSH Two Factor Authentication