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Install Python Packages Hosted On Private GitHub

Learn how to install python packages through pip, when the packages are hosted within a private GitHub repository.

Jenkins - Why Integrate With GitHub Using Git Source Instead Of GitHub

An explanation of why one should probably use Git as a source rather than GitHub in Jenkins.

Integrate Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline With Git / GitHub

Trigger your multi-branch projects to build when you push changes to GitHub.

Create A GitHub Deploy Key

Create a GitHub deploy key in order to give your pipelines restricted access to just one project.

Integrate Jenkins Pipeline Project With GitHub

Learn how to integrate your Jenkins "pipeline" project with GitHub so that your project builds when specific branches are pushed to (e.g. staging/production).

Creating Github Webhook For Packagist

Learn how to set up a webhook in Github in order to automatically update the package in Packagist.

Github - Push A Single Change Upstream (Pull Request)