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Configure Git To Use Vimdiff

Configure git to use vimdiff as the diff tool.

Getting Started with LFS in GitLab

Get started with using LFS in GitLab in order to manage large files.


Backing Up Your Git Repositories Through Mirroring

Learn how you can backup your Git repositories easily using through mirroring.

Configure Git To Use Sublime Text Editor For Commit Messages

Configure Git To Use Sublime Text Editor For Commit Messages

Ubuntu - Install Sublime Merge

Ubuntu install scripts for Sublime Merge on


Git Workflows

Learn the different types of workflows for Git, including the most common ones, Git Flow and Github Flow.

Deploy Gitlab Runner With Docker

Deploy a Gitlab runner to unlock CI/CD capabilities in Gitlab.

Debian 8 - Create A Private Centralized Git Server

Deploy your own git server on Debian 8.

Advantages of SVN over Git


Git - Move Recent Commits To A Branch

Deploy GitLab Through Docker

Deploy Gitlab with the help of Docker.


Pretty Git Logs

Github - Push A Single Change Upstream (Pull Request)

Ubuntu - Configure Git to Use Meld for Diffs

Git Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using git. If you don't need a cheatsheet for git, you must be amazing, or lying to yourself.