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Jenkins - Add Git Webhook Access Token

Learn how to create an access token in Jenkins to allow your git-based repositories to be triggered via webhooks.

Jenkins - Resolve No ECDSA Host Key Issue

Resolve an issue with trying to use git to connect to GitHub for the first time in Jenkins, due to a lack of host key.

Jenkins - Nginx Reverse Proxy Configuration

A working Nginx site configuration for proxying Jenkins.

Jenkins Pipeline - Deploy to Auto Scaling Group

Have Jenkins deploy your auto-scaled application by sending an AWS instance refresh command.

Getting Started With Docker BuildKit In Order To Safely Use A Private SSH Key During A Build

Learn how to safely make use of a private SSH key during a docker build with the help of Docker buildkit.

Jenkins - Why Integrate With GitHub Using Git Source Instead Of GitHub

An explanation of why one should probably use Git as a source rather than GitHub in Jenkins.

Integrate Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline With Git / GitHub

Trigger your multi-branch projects to build when you push changes to GitHub.

Integrate Jenkins Pipeline Project With GitHub

Learn how to integrate your Jenkins "pipeline" project with GitHub so that your project builds when specific branches are pushed to (e.g. staging/production).

Jenkins - Using Different Parameters For Different Environment Branches

Learn how to dynamically change your parameter values based on the branch that is being used.

Jenkins - Install A Plugin

Install a plugin in Jenkins

Jenkins Cheatsheet

A personal cheatsheet for when creating Jenkins pipeline files.

Jenkins - Storing Passwords, Secrets, and Credentials

Learn how to store secrets / credentials in Jenkins.

Jenkins - Admin Reset Password

Reset your password in Jenkins through the CLI.

Lecture - Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial

A timestamped video tutorial on Jenkins pipelines.

Creating A Basic Jenkins Pipeline

An tutorial/example to get you started of using Jenkins for a CI/CD pipeline when you use GitLab flow.

Deploy Jenkins With Docker

Deploy Jenkins with Docker.

Debian 8 - Install Jenkins