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Configure Nginx Monitoring With Zabbix

Learn how to monitor your Nginx server with Zabbix Agent 2 on Debian 12 / Ubuntu 22.04.

Deploy Nginx Proxy Manager Through Docker

Learn how to deploy Nginx Proxy Manager, in order to easily configure reverse proxying for your websites.

Jenkins - Nginx Reverse Proxy Configuration

A working Nginx site configuration for proxying Jenkins.

Nginx - Implement HTTP Basic Auth

Implement HTTP basic authentication in Nginx

Debian 10 - Set Up Nginx Load Balancer For Kubernetes

Set up a load balancer on Debian 10 for a Kubernetes cluster.

Using Jwilder Nginx Reverse Proxy With Wildcard SSL Certificate

How to deploy jwilder/nginx-proxy container when you are using a wildcard SSL.

Debian - Set Up Nginx Reverse Proxy

Deploy your own reverse proxy using Nginx on Debian 9.

Debian 9 - Install Nginx

Instructions for installing different versions of Nginx in Debian 9 Stretch.

Debian 8 - Install Nginx

Instructions on how to install different versions of Nginx depending on your needs.

NGINX - Redirecting Non Whitelisted IPs

Use NGINX to allow specific whitelisted IPs through, and redirect all other IPs to another site.

Comparing Nginx And Apache In Burst Workloads

Here we compare Nginx vs Apache at handling burst workloads and explain why one of them appears to handle it much better than the other.

Static Web Hosting With Nginx And Docker

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install NGINX with PHP

NGINX CLI Cheatsheet

Ubuntu - Reverse Proxy Dockerized Websites