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Upgrading Ubuntu 22 LAMP Docker Image to HTTP/2

Learn how to configure Apache with PHP to allow HTTP/2 connections.

Configure Apache Monitoring With Zabbix

Learn how to monitor your Apache server with Zabbix Agent 2 on Debian 12.

Htaccess Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for htaccess.

Enabling Maintenance Site In Apache

Use Apache commands to switch from serving up your site to a maintenance site you have ready to go.

Htaccess - Require Auth For Everywhere Except Whitelist

Create an htaccess file that requires authentication for everywhere except a whitelist of routes.

Example Apache SSL Config

Example Apache SSL configuration file that you can use and tweak to your needs

Comparing Nginx And Apache In Burst Workloads

Here we compare Nginx vs Apache at handling burst workloads and explain why one of them appears to handle it much better than the other.

Stress Testing Web Servers With Apache Benchmark