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PyCharm - Change Prameter Unfilled Warning To Error

Change PyCharm's warning about unfilled parameters to an error, so that you don't miss it.

Python - Abstract View

Creating a Python version of my abstract views PHP package, for basic templating.

Python Packaging Cheatsheet

A dumping ground for my notes/resources to do with creating Python packages. When I learn how to work around an issue, I'll put my notes here.

Open Jupyter Notebooks Using Docker

Open a Jupyter notebook using Docker.

Install Python Packages Hosted On Private GitHub

Learn how to install python packages through pip, when the packages are hosted within a private GitHub repository.

Pycharm - Use Netbeans Keyboard Shortcuts

Configure PyCharm to use the same keyboard shorcuts as Netbeans.

Python Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet of useful snippets when working with Python.

Lecture - Publishing (Perfect) Python Packages on PyPi

A timestamped lecture explaining how to build and publish a Python package.

Python - Iterate Over Massive JSON Files

Get started with processing massive JSON files by iterating over them without having to load the entire thing into memory.

Python - Validate JSON

Learn how to validate JSON in Python using a JSON schema.

Generating HTML Docs For JSON Schemas

Learn how to automatically generate web-based documentation for your JSON schema files.

PyCharm - Change Font

Change the font style or size in PyCharm.

Install TensorFlow For Python3

Instructions for installing Tensorflow using Python 3 and PIP on Ubuntu 16.04.

Install Python Pip

Install the python package management system (PIP).

LiClipse - My IDE of Choice for Python

Python - Importing

Python Classes

Python Modules

Python Notifier

Python and JSON

Python Data Types

Netbeans - Add Python Support

Python Multithreading - You Could Be Wasting Time

Learn about how multi-threading in Python might be a waste of time because of the global interpreter lock (GIL).