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Python Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet of useful snippets when working with Python.

Lecture - Publishing (Perfect) Python Packages on PyPi

A timestamped lecture explaining how to build and publish a Python package.

Python - Iterate Over Massive JSON Files

Get started with processing massive JSON files by iterating over them without having to load the entire thing into memory.

Generating HTML Docs For JSON Schemas

Learn how to automatically generate web-based documentation for your JSON schema files.

PyCharm - Change Font

Change the font style or size in PyCharm.

Install TensorFlow For Python3

Instructions for installing Tensorflow using Python 3 and PIP on Ubuntu 16.04.

Install Python Pip

LiClipse - My IDE of Choice for Python

Python - Importing

Python Classes

Python Modules

Python Notifier

Python and JSON

Python Data Types

Netbeans - Add Python Support

Python Multithreading - You Could Be Wasting Time