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Netbeans - Fix PHP Method Code Completion

Fix method hinting for PHP in Netbeans.

Change Netbeans Look and Feel (LAF)

Learn how to change Netbeans look and feel (LAF).

Netbeans - Speed Up Search By Ignoring Certain Folders

Speed up Netbeans search by ignoring certain folders, such as node_modules.

Netbeans - Remove Trailing Whitespace On Save

Remove trailing whitespace in Netbeans

Netbeans - Adding Support for Laravel

Add support for Laravel in Netbeans so that you can get auto-completion and hints working.

Netbeans - Change Java

Change which version ofJava Netbeans uses

Netbeans - Configure Typescript Settings

Configure Netbeans With Typescript

Integrating LESS with Netbeans

Netbeans - Add Python Support

Make Netbeans Pretty