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Netbeans - Speed Up Search By Ignoring Certain Folders

I was working on a project recently which had over 1000 NPM packages installed. This meant whenever I ran a search, it always got delayed as it went through the node_modules folder. This is code I don't really care about because it's packaged code that I can assume to be working and I don't need to look at. Wouldn't it be great to just automatically skip this folder when running a search? Here's how.


Go to tools -> options

Then select Miscellaneous -> Files and update the Ignored Files Pattern field to include the names of the folders you wish to ignore.

For example, I wanted to ignore all the files within the NPM packages that were installed, so I included node_modules. This dramatically sped up my search.

My pattern is now



Last updated: 30th June 2021
First published: 10th June 2019