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Netbeans - Configure Typescript Settings

You may find yourself needing to configure some settings for Typescript. For example, you won't be able to use getters and setters without telling Typescript that you want to target ECMAScript 5+. Here is what you need to do for Netbeans.


Right click on your project and click properties.

In the default category of Sources, check that you have set the Web Root. If you haven't make sure to click the Browse button and set it.

For my projects, I usually have a folder called public_html which has my index.php file and this is my web root. Everything that is sensitive, such as Setttings.php is at a higher level than this for security.

Now that you have set your Web Root navigate to that location and create a file called tsconfig.json.

Here is an example tsconfig.json file that you could use:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "target": "ES5",
    "module": "system",
    "moduleResolution": "node",
    "sourceMap": true,
    "emitDecoratorMetadata": true,
    "experimentalDecorators": true,
    "removeComments": false,
    "noImplicitAny": false
  "exclude": [

Please refer here for information on what options there are and what effect they have.


Last updated: 30th June 2021
First published: 16th August 2018