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Getting Started With Laravel Queues and Background Jobs

Learn how to make use of Laravel queues to schedule background (asynchronous) jobs.

Laravel - Throw Exception If Environment Variable Not Set

Implement a defensive step in your Laravel framework by throwing an exception if an expected environment variable is not set, rather than reverting back to some default that is probably not appropriate.

Fix Laravel Not Recognizing Ajax Requests

Fix an issue with Laravel not recognizing your requests as ajax requests.

Laravel Blade Views

Tutorial covering the use of Blade views in Laravel.

Laravel - Creating A Service Provider

How to create a service provider in Laravel.

Ubuntu - Install Laravel Installer Through Composer

Install the Laravel installer.

Netbeans - Adding Support for Laravel

Add support for Laravel in Netbeans so that you can get auto-completion and hints working.

Laravel 5 Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using Laravel 5.

Fixing Laravel 4 Routing Autocomplete

If you use netbeans like me and new to Laravel, you may get confused/frustrated by lack of autocomplete after typing Route:: This post explains what is going on and how you can fix this.

Ubuntu - Create a Laravel Project

Set up a new Laravel project. Laravel is a popular PHP framework.