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Laravel - Submit A Bug Report


  1. Install the Laravel CLI if you haven't already. You can install this with:
composer global require laravel/installer
  1. Use the installer to install a project for the bug report:
laravel new bug-report --github="--public"
  1. Create an empty repo in GitHub. Make sure to not add a license or gitignore file so we can import the installed codebase into it later.

  2. Add the GIthub repository as an origin.

git remote add origin$GITHUB_USERNAME/$REPO_NAME.git
  1. Ensure you are on the main branch.

  2. Now in your codebase, commit it as is as an initial import.

  3. Now make the changes that demonstrate your bug.

  4. Commit these changes as a separate commit, noting that it is to demonstrate the bug.

  5. Push all your changes to GitHub.

  6. Raise an issue at this GitHub repository, making sure to explain the problem and link to your demonstration repostory.


Last updated: 28th July 2022
First published: 28th July 2022