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PhpStorm - Add Laravel Autocompletion


  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + S to bring up the settings modal.

  2. Go to Plugins (1), click on the Marketplace tab (2), search for laravel (3), then install the Laravel IDE plugin (4).

  1. Restart the IDE when prompted for the changes to apply.

  2. From within your Laravel project, run the following command to install the Laravel IDE helper package.

composer require --dev barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper
  1. Now that you have the package, use it to generate the relevant descriptor files that PhpStorm will read in order to know how to provide autocomplete functionality:
php artisan ide-helper:generate
php artisan ide-helper:meta
  1. You should now have autocomplete support. The screenshot below shows this with autocompletion being made available on the DB facade:


Last updated: 7th March 2022
First published: 7th March 2022