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Restart Ubuntu GUI

This post tells you how to restart the Ubuntu GUI from the CLI (using SSH) in case it ever locks up.

Restore Missing Window Decoration - Compiz Replace

Using the CLI to Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Configure Apt To Use Your Local Ubuntu Mirror

Configure your Ubuntu machines to use your local mirror for updates, saving time and bandwidth.

Set Up A Local Ubuntu / Debian Mirror with Apt-Mirror

Fix SSH Connections to Ubuntu 16.04 not Exiting Cleanly

Set Up A Local Ubuntu Mirror

Ubuntu - Use Closest Mirrors

Ubuntu 14.04 Upgrade Kernel

Ubuntu 14.04 - Setting Up A KVM Host

Ubuntu 14.04 - Deploy a Ceph Cluster (Part 2)

Ubuntu 14.04 - Deploy a Ceph Cluster (Part 1)

Ubuntu - Giving Users Adminastrative Privileges

Ubuntu 14.04 - Install Flash In Chromium