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Video Talk - NFS-Ganesha

I'm looking into NFS Ganesha in order to provide a highly available NFSv4 backend as a solution for something I'm working on. Below is discussion on what NFS Ganesha is, and how it integrates with GlusterFS.

  • 00:00 Introductions.
  • 00:21 What is Ganesh?
    • 00:25 Ganesh runs entirely in user space (not inside the kernel).
    • 00:38 Ganesh supports all the current protocols, NFS v3, v4, v4.1 and pNFS.
  • 00:51 Are there any advantages of user space over kernel space?
    • 00:58 - Generally people like to run in kernel space because they think it's faster.
    • 01:02 - user space = faster development cycle.
    • 01:06 - interfaces much more easily with other user-space services.
    • 01:44 Kernel NFS is faster for now.
  • 02:32 GlusterFS and Ganesha NFS integration.
    • 02:45 Ganesh talks directly over gfapi to the Gluster servers without the overhead of the fuse layer (better performance than going through fuse).
    • 03:51 Ganesha has highly available implementation that uses pacemaker and Corosync which is hard to do with kernel NFS. Active active configuration such that if one crashes, fails over seamlessly to other servers and NFS clients never notice anything happened. high availability configuration
Last updated: 20th June 2021
First published: 16th August 2018