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Automatically Renew SSL Certificates On Debian 10 Using Certbot

Automatically create and renew LetsEncrypt SSL certificates on Debian 10 with Certbot.

PyCharm - Change Font

Change the font style or size in PyCharm.

Home Assistant - Google Speaker Notification Examples

Have your Google speaker automatically tell you when your phone battery is low, using the power of Home Assistant.

Getting Started With Home Assistant

Learn how to deploy home assistant and start automating your "smart home".

Guess Who - Binary Search

Win at "Guess Who?" by using binary search.

Compressing Files With 7zip CLI

Compress (and possibly encrypt) your files with 7zip from the CLI.

Firefox - Using Multiple Profiles

Use the power of profiles in Firefox to make managing your multiple identities much easier.

Best Of Dave Ramsey

Best epsiodes/clips of the Dave Ramsey show.

MySQL Text Type

Debian 10 - Install Dropbox CLI

Setup and use Dropbox on a headless server. (CLI only)

MySQL 8 - Slow Connecting Problem

Laravel - Throw Exception If Environment Variable Not Set

Implement a defensive step in your Laravel framework by throwing an exception if an expected environment variable is not set, rather than reverting back to some default that is probably not appropriate.