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FileZIlla - Fix SFTP Protocol Error - Too Many Authentication Failures

Fix an issue with FileZilla not being able to connect to servers and giving you a protocol error with "too many authentication failures".

PhpStorm - Add Laravel Autocompletion

Add support for the Laravel Framework to your PhpStorm IDE.

Jira Query Language (JQL) Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using Jira JQL.

PyCharm - Change Prameter Unfilled Warning To Error

Change PyCharm's warning about unfilled parameters to an error, so that you don't miss it.

Python - Abstract View

Creating a Python version of my abstract views PHP package, for basic templating.


Learn about EditorConfig, a standard to help maintain code styling standards.

PHPSpreadsheet - Read Excel (.xlsx) File To Array

Read a basic Excel .xlsx spreadsheet into an array as if it was a CSV file.

GitLab - Default Configuration File

The default configuration file that is provided when creating a new GitLab instance.

GitLab Documentation Index

A documentation index for my tutorials on GitLab, to make finding the appropriate information much easier.

Dockerized GitLab - Configure SSL

Configure your GitLab docker container to listen for HTTPS connections by enabling and configuring the NGINX service.

Dockerized GitLab - Enable Container Registry

Enable the registry in your Dockerized GitLab instance.

Laravel 9 Released

Laravel 9 has been released.

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