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PHP Enums

Learn about using enums in PHP 8.1+.


Ubuntu 20.04 - Install PHP 8.1

Commands to install PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 using Ondrej PPA.


What's New In PHP 8.1

Learn about changes coming in PHP 8.1.

OpenID Connect (OIDC) Token Types

Learn about the different token types in the OpenID Connect (OIDC) specification.

Cognito User Pool Auth Endpoints

Learn about the various endpoints one will need in order to implement SSO functionality with the Cognito user pool.

Cognito - Configure User Pool Domain

Configure the domain for your Cognito integration

Cognito - Retrieve Client ID And Secret

Learn how to retrieve your application client ID and secret from an Amazon Cognito user pool.

Cognito - User Pool Groups

Learn how to create and manage Cognito user pool groups.

Creating An Amazon Cognito User Pool In order to Implement An SSO

Learn to deploy an Amazon Cognito user pool in order to implement single-sign-on (SSO) functionality in your web applications.

Deploy Kimai Time Tracking With Docker

Learn how to deploy Kimai, a free and open-source time tracking software that can be used for generating timesheets which can then be turned into invoices.

Use S3 To Store Terraform State

Learn how to configure Terraform to use an existing S3 as your backend to store your state.

Create Excel (Xslx) Spreadsheets Using PHPSpreadsheet

Learn to use PhpSpreadsheet in order to create Excel (xlsx) files.

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