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Jenkins - Using Different Parameters For Different Environment Branches

Learn how to dynamically change your parameter values based on the branch that is being used.

Jenkins - Install A Plugin

Install a plugin in Jenkins

Jenkins Cheatsheet

A personal cheatsheet for when creating Jenkins pipeline files.

Lecture - 7 Amazing Developer Tools that you're not using yet

Seven actually useful online tools.

Getting Started With Docsify

Learn how to use Docsify to create slick web-based documentation.

Database Diagram Tool -

Document your database with

Database Diagram Tool -

Create your database documentation with

Python Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet of useful snippets when working with Python.

Lecture - Publishing (Perfect) Python Packages on PyPi

A timestamped lecture explaining how to build and publish a Python package.

Configure Debian To Use Your Local MIrror

Configure Debian to use your local mirror.

Set Up A Debian Mirror Using Rsync

Set up a Debian mirror using rsync.

Jenkins - Storing Passwords, Secrets, and Credentials

Learn how to store secrets / credentials in Jenkins.

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