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SSH Agent Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for the SSH Agent.


VIM Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for VIM.

iptables Port Forwarding Generator

A simple PHP script to generate the iptables rules to import when one needs to set up port forwarding.

Configure KVM Private NAT With Guest Gateway

Configure a KVM private NAT with a guest acting as a gateway to the outside world. Internal guests will be accessible from the outside world via a reverse proxy and port-forwarding rules.

Add Network Interface To KVM Guest

Add another network interface to a KVM guest.

Create Debian 10 (Buster) KVM Guest From Cloud Image

Create a Debian 10 KVM guest using the cloud image.

Add Obfuscation To Webpack Build

Add obfuscation to your Webpack bundling process.

Getting Started With Webpack

Get started with using Webpack to bundle your Typescript files together.

Connecting Thunderbird To Office 365 When Using 2FA / MFA

Learn how to connect Thunderbird to Office 365, once you have enabled 2FA in office 365.

Add VueJS Through a CDN

Add VueJS to your site through a CDN.

Netbeans - Fix PHP Method Code Completion

Fix method hinting for PHP in Netbeans.

VSCodium - Add Terraform Support

Add support for Terraform in Codium (visual studio code).

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