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Ubuntu 16.04 - Install FFMPEG From PPA

Use a PPA to install FFmpeg in order to install a later version (3.3).

Nexctloud Searching and Tagging

Learn about how to search for files as well as how you can make use of tagging for a much better way to organize and search for files.

Seafile Garbage Collection

Why you may want to run the garbage collection process, and how to run it.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install Firefox Nightly

Install and run Firefox nightly in order to see the benefits that will eventually make it into the released version.

Add SSL Certificates to Discourse

This tutorial shows you how to add SSL certificates to your discourse server.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Manually Deploy Wordpress

Manually deploy wordpress on ubuntu 16.04

Getting Started With Google Maps

Get started with creating maps on your website.

A New Way To Fund The Internet (Without Ads)

A possibly different way to fund "free" content creation without the reliance on advertisements.

Selecting Data From Split Tables

A couple of examples of using joins or nested queries to select and combine data from multiple tables.

MySQL - Unique Key Across Tables

Can MySQL ensure that if a value is in one table, it doesn't exist in the other?

MySQL - Foreign Keys on Foreign Keys

Can you create a foreign key that references a column in another table that itself is a foreign key that references a column in another table?

Ubuntu 16.04 - CPU Benchmarking

A guide to various ways to benchmark your CPU.

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