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Configure SSH To Allow Logging In Via Password For Certain Users or Groups

Learn how to allow specific users to authenticate using a password, whilst everyone else has to authenticate via a key file instead.

Configure Systemd Nameservers

Learn how to configure your nameservers by editing the systemd config files.

Cheap HDD VPS Providers

A list of VPS's with cheap HDD storage for backups/file-hosting.

Amazon EC2 - Retrieving Metadata

Learn about retrieving metadata about an instance using Amazon's metadata server.

PostgreSQL - Ensuring Non Uniqueness Using Exclude Using Gist Constraint

Learn about adding a constraint, that acts the opposite of a unique constraint, ensuring that values across rows for two columns are never distinct.

Deploy Nginx Proxy Manager Through Docker

Learn how to deploy Nginx Proxy Manager, in order to easily configure reverse proxying for your websites.

Deploy Hashicorp Vault through Docker

Learn how to deploy Vault by Hashicorp through Docker.

Proxmox Storage Guide

A guide to Proxmox Storage.

Ubuntu - Multiple Network CIDR Issue

Resolve an issue with receiving a dynamic secondary IP in Ubuntu.

Deploy Your Own Wiki With XWiki

Learn how to deploy your own Wiki with XWiki and Docker.

Extending Rundeck Image With PHP

Learn how to extend the Rundeck image in order to be able to support local PHP scripts.

Lecture - Docker Networking With NetworkChuck

Learn about the various Docker networks with a fantastic video from NetworkChuck on Youtube.

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