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Best Of Dave Ramsey

Best epsiodes/clips of the Dave Ramsey show.

MySQL Text Type

Debian 10 - Install Dropbox CLI

Setup and use Dropbox on a headless server. (CLI only)

MySQL 8 - Slow Connecting Problem

Laravel - Throw Exception If Environment Variable Not Set

Implement a defensive step in your Laravel framework by throwing an exception if an expected environment variable is not set, rather than reverting back to some default that is probably not appropriate.

Composer - Specify Configuration Environment

Specify the environment in the config section of composer, allowing you to dev for a different environment.

TrueNAS - Create Time Machine Shares

Create Time Machine shares on your network using TrueNAS

PostgreSQL - Table Inheritance

A tutorial about tables inheriting from other tables in PostgreSQL.

Ubuntu 20.04 - Install PostgreSQL

Install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04

AWS Cloud Init - Add SSH Access

Add SSH access to cloud init configuration for when using cloud init with Terraform on AWS.

Getting Started With AWS Elastic Container Registry

Get started with the AWS elastic container registry.

Deploy Docker Container on AWS Quickly Using Cloud Init

Quickly deploy a docker container on AWS using cloud-init.

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