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Wordfence - Disable Specific Email Alerts

I'm getting about 10 emails a day from certain sites about "increased attack rates" from Wordfence. I make sure to keep WordPress up to date, and have already locked down the admin and xmlrpc areas on an IP whitelist basis, and have other protections in place, so I'm not too worried about this. I just want to stop my inbox filling up with these alerts that are going to be ignored. This tutorial will show you how to disable particular alerts from Wordfence, so you still get notified about other types of events.

With how the state of WordPress is, I really would recommend that if you are thinking of using it for a normal website, rather than its original purpose as a blog, that you hire a developer or use something like SquareSpace. Every WordPress site always ends up with 100 plugins and becomes a maintenance and security nightmare.


Click on Wordfence in the left-hand pane (1), before clicking on All Options (2) in the sub-menu. Then scroll down to Email Alert Preferences (3) and uncheck the alerts that you are not interested in. In my case I wanted to disable the alerts about increased attack rates (4).

Last updated: 12th June 2024
First published: 12th June 2024