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Open Jupyter Notebooks Using Docker

Open a Jupyter notebook using Docker.

LibreOffice Calc - Conditional Formatting

Apply conditional formatting rules in LibreOffice Calc.

Debian 11 - Install Docker

Install Docker on Debian 11 (Bullseye).

Create Debian 11 (Bullseye) KVM Guest From Cloud Image

Create a Debian 11 KVM guest using the cloud image.

FFMPEG - Output Progress To File

Get FFmpeg to output the progress of an encoding job to a text file that can be easily parsed.

Deploy A Test SAML Identity Provider

Learn how to quickly deploy an example SAML identity provider that you can develop/test your service provider against.

Create Your Own Private SSL/TLS Certificates

Learn how to create your own private SSL/TLS certificates.

Install Iosevka Fonts

Install the Iosevka font on Ubuntu.

Deploy Mailtrain v1 With Docker

Learn how to deploy your own Mailtrain server with docker. Mailtrain is an open source alternative to Mailchimp.

Mailtrain 2 - Configure Generic SMTP

Configure Mailtrain 2 to send emails through your SMTP provider.

UFW Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using the uncomplicated firewall (UFW).

Lecture - OAuth vs. SAML vs. OpenID Connect - Michael Schwartz

A timestamped lecture from Michael Schwartz covering the history and differences between various SSO technologies/protocols.

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