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pfSense - Set SSL Certificate

Learn how to set the SSL certificat on pfSense.

Jenkins Pipeline - Deploy to Auto Scaling Group

Have Jenkins deploy your auto-scaled application by sending an AWS instance refresh command.

Deploy WSO2 API Manager With Docker

Deploy the open source WSO2 API Manager, in order to easily document, publish, and manage your API through a web GUI.

FileZIlla - Fix SFTP Protocol Error - Too Many Authentication Failures

Fix an issue with FileZilla not being able to connect to servers and giving you a protocol error with "too many authentication failures".

PhpStorm - Add Laravel Autocompletion

Add support for the Laravel Framework to your PhpStorm IDE.

Jira Query Language (JQL) Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using Jira JQL.

PyCharm - Change Prameter Unfilled Warning To Error

Change PyCharm's warning about unfilled parameters to an error, so that you don't miss it.

Python - Abstract View

Creating a Python version of my abstract views PHP package, for basic templating.


Learn about EditorConfig, a standard to help maintain code styling standards.

PHPSpreadsheet - Read Excel (.xlsx) File To Array

Read a basic Excel .xlsx spreadsheet into an array as if it was a CSV file.

GitLab - Default Configuration File

The default configuration file that is provided when creating a new GitLab instance.

GitLab Documentation Index

A documentation index for my tutorials on GitLab, to make finding the appropriate information much easier.

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