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Debian 10 - Set Up MariaDB Database For Kubernetes

Tutorial on setting up MariaDB to act as your data store for Kubernetes.

Terraform - Create an Elastic Container Registry

Sample code for creating an elastic container registry where you can push/pull your Docker images.

Terraform Example - Adding HTTPS Listener

Adding support for HTTPS listeners in Terraform example.


AWS - Add SSL Certificate And Get ARN For Load Balancer

Manually upload an SSL certificate to AWS, and get the ARN so that you can feed it into Terraform.

Lecture - High Availability K3s (Kubernetes) in minutes!

A timestamped video on how to set up a Kubernetes cluster with the use of K3s.

Debian 10 - Install GlusterFS 8

Install GlusterFS 8 on Debian 10.

Use PostgreSQL To Store Terraform State

Configure Terraform to use a shared PostgreSQL server to hold the terraform state and implement locks.

Create Nemo Action - Open In Terminator

Create a custom action for the Nemo file browser in order to open up the location in Terminator.

ThreeJS TypeScript Starter (Using Webpack)

Quickly get started with ThreeJS with Typescript using this starter/template codebase.

Terraform Working Example

A Terraform example/starter codebase to get you deploying a Dockerized web service on Amazon EC2 quickly and easily.

Increase Inotify Watches

Increase the number of inotify watches in order to fix possible issues in Seafile, Dropbox, Sublime, and file browsers like Nautilus.

Adding A Disk To Linux

Learn how to add a disk in Linux. Create a partition table, before adding a partition and adding a filesystem to it. Then set it up to automatically mount on boot.

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