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Yubikey - Genrate API Key

Generate your API key for your Yubikey.

Stream Deck Mini

Learn how to interface with a Stream Deck mini in Ubuntu.

Office365 - Receive Events In iCAL Format

Configure Office365 to send you events in iCalendar format.

Jenkins - Add Git Webhook Access Token

Learn how to create an access token in Jenkins to allow your git-based repositories to be triggered via webhooks.

Jenkins - Resolve No ECDSA Host Key Issue

Resolve an issue with trying to use git to connect to GitHub for the first time in Jenkins, due to a lack of host key.

Jenkins - Nginx Reverse Proxy Configuration

A working Nginx site configuration for proxying Jenkins.

Deploy Wordpress on Debian 11

Learn how to manually (without Docker) deploy Wordpress on Debian 11.

Configure How Thunderbird Opens A Web Browser

Configure how Thunderbird opens a browser when you click a link.

Compress Files with Zstandard (zstd)

Learn how to compress files in Linux with Zstandard.

Exporting Blender Models For ThreeJS

Learn how to export your models in order to be able to easily import them into Blender.

Bitbucket - Create OAuth Client Credentials

Learn how to create a client key and secret for a new OAuth client application.

Getting Started With Traefik

Learn how to get started with using Traefik locally, so that you can get to grips with it, before you dive into doing something more complicated, such as use it in a Kubernetes or Docker-Swarm cluster.

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