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Set Up Debian 10 KVM Server

Configure your Debian 10 for acting as a KVM host.

Things To Do After Installing Debian 10

Steps I like to perform immediately after having installed a minimal version of Debian 10.


Ubuntu - Getting Started With The AWS CLI

Advantages Of Using UUIDs

A small post about how using UUIDs instead of auto-incrementing integers.


Handling File Uploads With PHP

Some tips/advice for handling file upload forms in PHP.

Thunderbird - Use Different Profiles

Learn how to use different profiles in Thunderbird. This allows you to easily separate your "work" email accounts from your "personal" email account etc.

Slim 4 Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for working with Slim 4

Deploy October CMS With Docker

Deploy OctoberCMS with Docker.

Configure Git To Use Vimdiff

Configure git to use vimdiff as the diff tool.

Tsconfig Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for your tsconfig.json file.

Running Composer Install With Docker

Tips for when using composer on PHP projects that use Docker.

AWS CLI S3 Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for interfacing with S3 through the AWS CLI tool.

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