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Upgrading Ubuntu 22 LAMP Docker Image to HTTP/2

Learn how to configure Apache with PHP to allow HTTP/2 connections.

Favourite Fonts

A list of my favourite fonts so I don't forget when switching computers.

Deploy CloudBeaver Database Mangement Tool Using Docker

Learn how to deploy and get started with the CloudBeaver database management tool.


Ubuntu 22.04 - Install PHP 8.2

Commands to install PHP 8.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 using Ondrej PPA.

Install ZFS On Debian 12

Learn how to install ZFS on Debian 12

Install Nvidia Container Toolkit

Learn how to install the NVIDIA Container Toolkit, which allows users to build and run GPU accelerated docker containers.

Dylan Beattie - Email vs Capitalism

A really interesting presentation from Dylan Beattie on how email has evolved over time. He covers pretty much everything from how email started, the first spam email, how most SMTP providers are not true to the actual specification, and even touching on SPF/DMARC protection etc.

Terraform Commands

A cheatsheet for just the Terraform commands.

Xubuntu - Add Application To Application Finder

Learn how to add an application to your application finder by creating a "Desktop Entry".

Lecture - You want a real DNS Server at home? (bind9 + docker)

Learn how to deploy and configure your own Bind9 DNS server through Docker.

Deploying Gotify For Phone Push Notifications

Learn how to deploy your own Gotify server in order to subscribe for phone push notifications.

LibreOffice Calc - Move Column

Learn how to move a column around in LibreOffice Calc without breaking your formulas.

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