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Ubuntu - Install Sublime 3 PPA

Snippet to install the Sublime Text 3 stable PPA.


LVM Snapshots

A guide to using LVM snapshots.

Set Up Android Emulator

This tutorial will guide you through setting up an emulator for an android device so that you can start building/testing apps.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Setting Up Nativescript

This tutorial will show you how to set up your Ubuntu 16.04 desktop for Nativescript in order to develop Android applications.

KVM - Fix Missing Default Network

This tutorial will ensure you have a running default network on your KVM server.

Set Up Debian 9 KVM Server

This tutorial will show you how to set your Debian 9 server up as a KVM host.

Debian 9 - Install Realtek Firmware

This tutorial will show you how to install firmware for Raeltek NICs.


Set Up Ubuntu 16.04 KVM Server

Turn your Ubuntu 16.04 server into a KVM host for virtual machines!

Debian 9 - Install MySQL Server

This tutorial will show you how to install various versions of MySQL server on Debian 9.

Things To Do After Installing Debian 9

Things you probably want to do right after installing Debian 9 server.

Roger H. Newell - Ubuntu Custom Kernel

This post is for reference and contains a youtube video from Roger H. Newell stepping through compiling your own kernel, with bookmarked timestamps so that you can skip to the point you need.

Update Grub Timeout

Update the Grub timeout in order to speed up boot times or to slow it down so that you have time to see the menu and choose your kernel.

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