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FFmpeg - Extract Keyframe Indexes

Learn how to extract the indexes of a video's keyframes.

FFMPEG - Apply Hardsubs To Video

Learn how to apply "hard" subtitles to a video using FFmpeg.

FFmpeg - Split Video Into Chunks

Learn how to use FFmpeg to split a video up into equitably sized chunks, with no overlap.

FFmpeg - Create Smooth Videos With Frame Interpolation

Create smooth videos with FFmpeg by creating interpolated frames with the use of a filter.

FFMPEG - Crop Video

Tips on cropping video in ffmpeg.

Ubuntu - Install Shotcut Video Editor

Install Shotcut video editor

Fix Aspect Ratio of MKV Files

Fix MKV video files that have a stretched look due to an incorrect aspect ratio.

Fix Audio Sync Issues In MKV Video Files

Learn how to fix the audio not being in sync with the video on your MKV media files.

FFMPEG - Losslessly convert mp4 to mkv

Add Chapters To MKV File

FFMPEG - Change Audio Level In Video

Strip Audio Tracks From an MKV with MKVToolNix