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Install Fonts From Google With Typecatcher

Install fonts from Google locally using the free Typecatcher python tool.

MySQL - Optimize For Minimal Memory

Configure your MySQL server variables for minimal memory usage rather than performance.

Slim3 Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for working with the Slim3 framework.

Expand Qcow2 Root Filesystem

Expand your KVM guest's root disk and filesystem to add storage.


Creating Phar Files

Create your own phar files.

Managing External Snapshots With BASH Scripts

Manage external snapshots with BASH scripts because virsh doesn't fully support external snapshots in Ubuntu 16.04.

Qemu-img Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for all things Qemu-img related.


Ubuntu 16.04 - Install PHP 7.2 From PPA

Install a later version of PHP on Ubuntu 16.04 by using a PPA from Ondrej.

Create Symfony Project

Install the Symfony PHP framework.

Deploy Gitlab Runner With Docker

Deploy a Gitlab runner to unlock CI/CD capabilities in Gitlab.

MySQL - Benchmarking Varchar vs Text

Results of benchmark the difference between using the TEXT and using a large VARCHAR. The results surprised me a lot.

Ubuntu - Set Up Rsync Server

Configure your Ubuntu server to accept rsync connections.

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