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PCI Express Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for PCI express speeds

Add SSL To Nextcloud

Use an Nginx reverse proxy to handle HTTPS requests and redirect to our nextcloud container.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Remove Old Kernel Lines

Instructions on how to remove the 4.4 and 4.8 kernels from your system.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install Nextcloud Client With A PPA

Instructions for installing the nextcloud client through a PPA for ubuntu 16.04

How To Disable ASLR

A guide to disabling ASLR, and describing what it is.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Compile Custom Kernel For Ryzen

Learn how to build your own kernel from source, and customize it to make it stable on Ryzen based CPUs.


PHP - The Importance of Actually Implementing The Interface

An example of why you need to use the implements keyword on a class to implement an interface, and not just implement its methods.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install FFMPEG From PPA

Use a PPA to install FFmpeg in order to install a later version (3.3).

Nexctloud Searching and Tagging

Learn about how to search for files as well as how you can make use of tagging for a much better way to organize and search for files.

Seafile Garbage Collection

Why you may want to run the garbage collection process, and how to run it.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install Firefox Nightly

Install and run Firefox nightly in order to see the benefits that will eventually make it into the released version.

Add SSL Certificates to Discourse

This tutorial shows you how to add SSL certificates to your discourse server.

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