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Restart Ubuntu GUI

This post tells you how to restart the Ubuntu GUI from the CLI (using SSH) in case it ever locks up.

Stabilizing Ubuntu 16.04 on Ryzen

Discussing attempts to resolve stability issues in Ubuntu on Ryzen based servers.

Pc Part Bargains

Deals on PC hardware.

Send And Receive ZFS Snapshots

In this tutorial, I am going to configure two MySQL servers to store their data in ZFS, and then synchronize them in a master/slave relationship using zfs send/recieve.


Ubuntu 16.04 - Install ZFS

Use the commands below to install ZFS on Ubuntu 16.04.


SVN - Global Ignores

Find out how to ignore all files/folders located anywhere in your repo that match a patter. Particularly useful if you have packages with .git dirs.

Sharing ZFS Datasets Via NFS

Use ZFS's configuration options to set up NFS sharing instead of using /etc/exports.

Create RAID with LVM

Create a software RAID array with just LVM. No need to mess around with mdadm, BTRFS, or ZFS.

Debian 8 - Create A Private Centralized Git Server

Deploy your own git server on Debian 8.

BTRFS Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for when you are interfacing with BTRFS.

CSS Grid - Restructuring For Different Page Sizes

A tutorial showing how CSS grids can be helpful in making a responsive design with the site being able to completely change layout dynamically.

CSS Grid Layouts - Image Gallery Example

A demonstration of how CSS grids can be used to create a responsive thumbnail grid for an image gallery.

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